Saturday, February 7, 2009

After a long hiatus…

So you’ll notice I’ve moved yet again, this time I believe permanently.  I tried to stay with wordpress but I’ve had a much easier time trying to personalize this new blog into something that makes me happy.  I think I’ve found it, so welcome to my new home. 

I believe the last time I posted at the old address it was election day. I have missed blogging terribly and was constantly formulating posts in my head. I just didn't seem to be able to find the time to post them. The last few months have been extremely busy with finishing up classes at my old school and transferring over to my new school, the University of Central Florida. I am now 4 and a half semesters away from completing my degree and I can actually see a little bit of light at the end of that tunnel. I've settled in at UCF, having started classes about a month ago, and I'm really happy with my choice in schools.

The holidays were a bit of a blur and truthfully, did not include much in the way of knitting. I've been tinkering with a few projects here and there but nothing is even near to FO status. However, I am currentleafscarfly really moving along on this little ditty. The pattern is the Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf and I'm knitting it in Berroco Comfort worsted weight yarn. I love knitting patterns that contain lacework in a worsted weight because for one, it's so much easier and for two, it's so much easier! I can't wait until it's completed and  I'm absolutely dying to finish a scarf. My sister Anna, who I taught to knit about 2 months before Christmas, finished at least 6 scarves before the end of December. Honestly I think it might even be more than that because she's been giving them out to every kid on my nephew's swim team. I must finish something just to get her to stop calling me a slacker!

What's been taking up most of my free time of late has really been quilting and sewing. My quilting has improved a bit and I'm now actually sewing a 1/4 inch seam vs. thpink quilte 5/8 inch seams I started with. My lines are straighter and patterns are making much more sense. I truly, truly understand the importance of the iron now (we have become acquainted, he is my friend) and I think I'm getting over the initial overwhelming sensation that I used to have when studying fabrics and patterns. There was a period of time when I was absolutely too afraid to cut into anything, but that's gone and I've even become a bit adventurous. For example, here is the second quilt I've ever made.  I just winged it in the measurements and pattern, but if you look closely pink2you'll notice some free form machine quilting. The quilting itself is definitely not perfect but what a great learning experience!  Most importantly I think I could have saved myself 4 hours of picking out stitches if I had only thought to try it with the presser foot down. The darning foot was a Christmas present from my husband and I couldn't wait to try it out. This quilt was originally intended for a shower gift but wasn't finished in time. I’m sure I’ll find a home for it but I'm kind of stuck on what color to use on the binding. I think white would look best  but will get so dirty around the edges. If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know. Otherwise I think it's going to sit on the "needs bound" pile for a good while. crazy9patch

I have a few more photos to share of current projects, starting with my first ever Crazy Nine Patch quilt. The tutorial I've been following is super easy.  I can't wait to finish these and  set them into the chocolate brown sashing I have planned. So far I have 18 squares completed and 18 more squares to go. The hardest thing about quilting lately has been in deciding what to work on next. 

One more project I've been working on has been in making 9 quilt blocks for the Spring Quilt Block Swap. I chose the color purple and the "Austin" block pattern from Quilters Cache. Once my austin blocks are completed, I send them in and the organizer will send me back 8 different blocks to go with my block. I can't wait to see the other blocks and can't wait to put them all together. More information on the swap can be found at Reanna Lily Designs.  It was a really easy block to make and has endless possibilities.  I can definitely see more of these blocks in my future. 

I really could go on and on but I think I’ve rambled for long enough today.  I’ve been wanting to blog for so long that I have lots of content planned for future posts.  I hope you’ll come back again for a visit.  It feels great to be back.


  1. Ingrid, I LOVE the new look of your blog and welcome to blogspot! I'm absolutely LOVING the polka dot quilt!!! So bright! I'd go with a bright green binding instead of white--won't show the dirt near as much!
    I absolutely LOVE the quilt block for the swap! As I'm in that group, I can't wait to get yours. You need to be sure that you put it up on the flick group that Jen from Reannalily started! Go to the swap page to find the flickr group. If you're interested, you can go to my blog ( and see my light blue block for the swap in our group. You may have to go back a few posts first though! LOL
    Love the scarf pattern you're doing. If I could remember enough of what to do while knitting, I'd ask where you got the pattern so I could try it out.

  2. Thanks so much for your very sweet post! I posted the block on the Flickr group also. I can't wait to see the blocks all together. I think I'll take your advice and see how green looks as a binding on that pink quilt. I would really like to get it finished!